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A Defining Moment: North American Construction Technology, A Benefit Corporation

The concept of North American Construction Technology (NACT) was born out of our recognition that there are few effective means of delivering consistent quality outcomes to multiple site owners across North America who have a need for concrete restoration and protection. As we considered how we might create real value in addressing this unmet need, it became apparent that we must include the right technology, the right sales force, the right team of installer/contractors, the right environmental and safety programs, the right attitude concerning partnership, problem solving and quality, the right skills to identify specific opportunities and the right tools for measuring performance and outcome. And all this has to be done across the broad geography of North America. A primary reason this need is unmet is because no one organization in the supply chain possesses all of the requisite skill sets to provide the desired result. Clearly, success demands a collaborative approach.

This notion led us to the creation of NACT as a Benefit Corporation. In order to qualify as a Benefit Corporation (BC), the focus of decision making must be in the interest of ALL Stakeholders as opposed to Shareholders. It relieves the Board of Directors of having profit as the single-minded goal. It means that we partner with everyone in the supply chain, from chemical producers to formulators of coatings, adhesives and sealants, and cementitious products, to the installer/contractors, all the way to our ultimate and mutual customer. By connecting and collaborating with the entire supply chain we can stay on top of the newest technology, speed its introduction through field trials, provide feedback concerning improvements and even provide the impetus for new research and development for specific needs. Commensurate with this collaborative and connective approach is a BC's responsibility to the environment. There are many solutions to problems, but they are not all equal in terms of VOC’s and the health and safety of the workers and those who live and work in the affected environment. We carry this message to all of our collaborative partners and together recommend the best performance and greenest solutions for our mutual customers. We develop a sense of trust by providing options and explain the benefits, shortcomings and cost so that our customers can make informed, collaborative decisions.

BC’s require being mindful of the carbon footprint. This includes the sourcing of raw materials, choosing renewable and buying locally when possible. While we cover a continent, we act locally. Under NACT's auspices and in concert with each other, our contractor members provide a local team to provide the same consistent quality at our customers’ sites throughout North America. This requires that contractor members have the right mindset. Each member is involved in the evaluation of the opportunity leading to a written specification, installation instructions and safety program. Our members are willing to share their knowledge, expertise and human resources with other members in the absolute pursuit of customer satisfaction. Why? Because we share a commitment to be helpful, to care about the result, to provide an unequaled experience to our customers. Our members are willing to work under a National Contract if our customers so choose. We provide a single point of contact.

We define ourselves by the benefit we hope to deliver to all Stakeholders. We believe that this approach to the market is unique. We are combining significant talent and expertise in a way that will better serve our customers. In so doing the right things, we will benefit all of our collaborative partners, the environment and our community.

Come and join us in this venture. We would love to talk to you.

John Durig

Chairman of the Board of Directors

North American Construction Technology

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